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   Fastest drummer-world record set by Eric Okamoto 
[Aug 4]CARY, N.C., US--Eric Okamoto is drumming 27 times a second which makes his the new world record holder for fastest drummer.
    His minute-long stretch of 1,620 beats earned him one of two world records earlier this week at an International Music Products Association show in Austin, Texas.
   "The first 30 seconds you're really happy about it," laughed Okamoto. "And the last 30 seconds you're really struggling to get through it."
   Okamoto broke his own world record in double strokes (a beat which goes left-left right-right) and set a new record in paradiddles (a different kind of stroke that goes left-right-left-left, right left right right). (more...)

  Underwater pogo sticking world record set by Ashrita Furman
[Aug 3] NEW YORK, NY--Bouncing his way across the bottom of the pool on a pogo stick, New Yorker Ashrita Furman travelled 1,680 feet, establishing a new World Record.
   Furman is well acquainted with the pogo stick, having set numerous records on the device including the fastest mile and the longest distance. "it was really exciting actually. I think there's a future for this sport." says Furman.
   After a short break, Furman set out to break his own record for underwater hula hooping.

   Fastest drive wipping-world record set by Blancco
[August 3]JOENSUU, Finland-- Data security specialist Blancco has announced a world record for the speed at which its Pro 4.7 software can securely overwrite large amounts of hard drive data.
   Their product Blancco - Pro was able to erase 210 terabytes of data in a production environment within 19 hours, which translates to erasure speed over 184 GBs per minute and over 3 GBs per second!
   An unnamed datacentre customer in Germany recently used the product on its fibre channel SAN to destroy 210TB of data held on a large number of hard disks in only 19 hours. This was equivalent to wiping 184GB every minute, or 3.06GB every second, the company said. (more...)

  Most coconuts broken-world record set by Sarada Lahangir
[August 2] BHUBANESWAR, India--Keshab Swain cracked open 72 green coconuts by his elbow to claim a place in the Book of World Records.
  Keshab Swain said: 'Such a record has never been made. Earlier, a record was made by a German national of breaking 65 coconuts in August 13 (2005).'
    A fight instructor in the Oriya theatre world, Keshabh always wanted to get into the Book of World Records.

  Largest quilt-world record set by Daphne O’Connor

[August 1] NEWBURGH, US--A Father’s Day gift for God is what City of Newburgh resident Daphne O’Connor calls her latest quilted creation, a 3,000 square foot blanket she has piecing together in her mind for years now.
   This quilt is made up of 40 bedspreads knitted together, each with a distinguishable thought.
  Most have the name of a country and a quote, mostly from the Bible.
   O’Connor said she had made a blanket for the White House shortly after the 9/11 attacks, and that this was her follow-up to that piece. (more...)

 Biggest lingcod caught by Robbie Hammond set world record
[August 1] NINILCHIK, Alaska--A 20-year-old angler on his first fishing trip to Alaska caught a world-record lingcod Friday about 80 miles south of Ninilchik, Alaska.
Robbie Hammond poses next to his 82.6 pound world-record lingcod caught Friday about 80 miles south of Ninilchik.
   The large female, caught by Robbie Hammond from Discovery Bay, Calif., weighed 82.6 pounds and measured 55 inches long. It beat the old record fish, caught in 2002 by Charles Curney, by just 1 pound.
   "I feel very lucky," said Hammond, who also caught a 124-pound halibut Thursday.
    Generally, fish tend to lose moisture and weight the longer they are removed from water. Nearly five hours after it was caught (more...)  

  Highest shallow dive-world record set by Darren Taylor
[July 31] TOKYO, Japan-- Darren Taylor, otherwise known as Professor Splash, have set the new world Record for the highest shallow dive: 10.70 meters (35 feet) into 30 centimeters (12 inches) of water into a kiddy pool.
     In an interview with 9NEWS, Professor Splash said his technique is to "skip accross the water" when he makes contact with it.
   He also added that "experience and research" is the key to his success and that what he does is not easy. "My latest dive in Tokyo was scary," said Professor Splash.
   Professor Splash must be happy though; not only has he likely set the Guinness World Record, but he has also broken his own record for the third time.
    The daredevil continues to keep busy, now focusing on high dives and fire diving.(more...)    

  Largest Ketchup packet created by Heinz set world record
[July 30] Collinsville, Illinois -- The citizens of Collinsville, Illinois have created the worlds largest ketchup packet in an attempt to set a world record and raise money for the Collinsville Christian Academy, which was recently destroyed by fire.
  H.J. Heinz Co. sponsored the event by donating 4000 bottles of it's world famous ketchup. The bottles were sold for $1.00 each and purchasers can add the contents of their bottle to the packet.
(click here to enlarge photo)
   "That's a lot of ketchup," said Heinz spokeswoman Tracey Parsons.
   The 8' X 4' plastic pouch has a 130 gallon capacity.
   Hundreds in the city, home to a 52-metre-tall water tower shaped like a condiment bottle and touted as the World's Largest Ketchup Bottle, showed up to participate in the ketchup filling and other fundraising (more...)

  Most inmates dancing-world record set by Philippines prisoners
[July 28]CEBU, Philippines--1588 inmates from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in Cebu, Philippines set a a world record for most inmates dancing simultaneously in same place. They also set the new world record for the most number of individuals dancing to “Thriller” at the same time and in the same location.
Prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center perform a synchronized dance as part of their exercise routine in Cebu, central Philippines.
-click here to enlarge photo

   Hundreds of inmates at the prison in Cebu, Philippines, have taken to performing large-scale dance numbers to such classics as Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Queen's "Radio Gaga", "Jumbo Hotdog" by "The Maskulados" and several songs from the "Sister Act" films to help pass the time while serving sentences or awaiting trial.

  Most expensive pot-world record set by Fissler's saucepan  
[July 27] Idar-Oberstein, Germany --A 100,000 pot adorned, with gold and diamonds from german producer Fissler has become the most expensive pot in the world and set a world record.
    The pot is based on a saucepan of 28 cm in diameter.
(click here to enlarge photo)
The handles on the lid and sides as well as the name logo are made from almost one kilogram of solid gold (750/yellow gold) and are studded with more than 200 diamonds (more...)

 Largest Group to learn dancing set world record in Moscow
[July 26] MOSCOW,Russia --Muscovites set up a new record in mass dancing, which was immediately registered in the Russian book of records.
     1830 people came together to Moscow Stadium of Luzhniki at 4.30 pm and started to learn Cha Cha Cha. The lesson was given under the only dance coach, who managed to control all the dance lovers trying to repeat the movements shown by him.
     Besides, another record was set during the “Learn to dance!” festival held in Luzhniki. Every guest could try different dance styles – hip-hop, jazz-modern, ballroom dancing, tango, flamenco, etc.(more...)

  Fastest run of the Race to the Clouds-world record set by Tajima
[July 25] PIKES PEAK, Colo. — Nobuhiro Tajima, President of Suzuki Sport, has won the 85th anniversary run of the world classic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 10 minutes and one second, breaking the record previously held by New Zealander Rod Millen driving a Toyota 13 years ago.
Sitting on top of the world: This Suzuki Sport XL7 Hill Climb Special set a new record at the 85th-anniversary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.
-click here to enlarge
    The precise record set by “Monster” Tajima and the SUZUKI SPORT XL7 Hill Climb Special is as below: Nobuhiro Tajima ran the first section to “Picnic Ground” in the elapsed time of 1'42"197...(more....)

   Largest 'Debke' folk dance set world record in Acre
[July 24] Old City of Acre, Israel -- A record 2,743 people danced for seven minutes straight holding hands in a human chain that stretched down Hagana Street in Acre's famed Old City, smashing the previous record of 1,700 set in Toronto a few years ago.
Israeli Arabs dancing the largest and longest 'Debka' routine in world history in Acre on Sunday. (Yaron Kaminsky/ Haaretz)

  The Debke is a six-step dance that is performed while holding hands in a line.For years it has been a mainstay of weddings and communal celebrations in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and even Turkey and Iraq. (more...)

  Fastest-selling book-Harry Potter final book set world record
[July 23] New York, US -- The final instalment in the Harry Potter series has set a new record as the world's fastest-selling book.
Children pose with the final chapter in the Harry Potter series; Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows in Hong Kong 21 July 2007.
    World Records Academy is the first world records certifying organization which recognize and announce officially the new world record set by the last Harry Potter's book. (more...)

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