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World Class Drum Lessons based in Cary, NC [Private, Group, Clinics, Seminars]


Right now is your time to get Drum Lesson


  information on my step by step, Quick and Easy,

  Patented, Speed Learning techniques, to become a

  Champion Drummer in any field. I also have 


  World Records in Speed Drumming!


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  Most expensive Chinese painting-world record set by Qiu Ying

   Most succesful tenor-world record set by Luciano Pavarotti
   Longest karaoke-world record set by Kouvola Club

   Most successful solo artist-world record set by Elvis Presley

   Longest Radio Show-world record set by Johnnie Walker

   Fastest drummer-world record set by Eric Okamoto 

   Most expensive living artis- Damien Hirst sets world record
   Bronze goddess sculpture sets world auction record

   Napoleon's sword sold for world record price of $6.4m

    World record for opening-weekend box office

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