Eric Okamoto

Welcome to's Best of 2018 program

Dear Eric,

I'm excited to announce that you've been named Best of in 2018. Congratulations!

We looked at dozens of other pros in your area, scored you on more than 10 variables, and hand picked you to be part of the program.

This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of pros make up less than four percent of all professionals.

Hard work deserves recognition, so we're proud to offer you our Best perks. We're placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes so customers will recognize your acheivement.


World Class Drum Lessons based in Cary, NC [Private, Group, Clinics, Seminars]


Right now is your time to get Drum Lesson


  information on my step by step, Quick and Easy,

  Patented, Speed Learning techniques, to become a

  Champion Drummer in any field. I also have 


  World Records in Speed Drumming!


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Flat Rates

Please read "Teaching Methods and Student Policy" before going on. 

These cover 4, half [1/2] hour lessons per month:

1. My studio

 Starting at any level, the flat rate tuition is $140.00

[Recommendations and students ask for special rate]

Starting at the Professional level, the flat rate tuition is $200.00 per month.

2. Your house [200.00 per month for any level [no discounts available]

3. My house [200.00 per month for any level [no discounts available]