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Policies for "The Percussionist's Studio"


This is a non-refundable Flat Rate Fee tuition, with a probation first  month covering *** 4 Sessions.***

After this, a permanent time slot will be reserved for you when you qualify. (Yessssssss)


I. Payments:

1) Studio sessions - 30 minute sessions, not pro-rated each month.

2) Payments should be installed on the 4th or last session of the current month to pay for your next month.

3) Paypal, mail, or direct deposit

4) There is a 7 day grace period if payment is not received on the due date. After that, a late charge.

5) Payments are also available by the quarter, trimester, or semester.

6) Unless I notify you ahead of time, your sessions will proceed on schedule.

7) BTW, for any new or returnee student that starts from your referral, you will be credited, for the next full month, prepaid tuition costs.

II. Trading lessons

If you need to trade a lesson, you can:

Text or Email me and I'll and I'll put your name on a sign up sheet for a student-to-student lesson trade times.  To help, it's best to give an advance notice of a week or more of when you are available for a trade to avoid phone tag, to notify other students of trades. Trading is free.

If you need to take a break or discontinue, please notify me by the last session of the current month so I can contact any students who are waiting for such a time slot to be available.


III. The Extra Session:

Lessons are held even on the 5th "extra" week of the month. They will be used to cover Holidays etc....

  I will let you know when in advance as those will be days off for the students.

I understand and agree to the above policies.

Please sign, date, return, and keep a copy for yourself.

You are reserving 4 sessions per month. Please plan for as many as possible.

IV. Referral Credit on New Students

If a New student starts lessons based on your referral, the next full month's lessons will be credited to you. 


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Eric Okamoto

E-mail at PercMan@juno.com