Eric Okamoto

Welcome to's Best of 2018 program

Dear Eric,

I'm excited to announce that you've been named Best of in 2018. Congratulations!

We looked at dozens of other pros in your area, scored you on more than 10 variables, and hand picked you to be part of the program.

This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of pros make up less than four percent of all professionals.

Hard work deserves recognition, so we're proud to offer you our Best perks. We're placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes so customers will recognize your acheivement.


World Class Drum Lessons based in Cary, NC [Private, Group, Clinics, Seminars]


Right now is your time to get Drum Lesson


  information on my step by step, Quick and Easy,

  Patented, Speed Learning techniques, to become a

  Champion Drummer in any field. I also have 


  World Records in Speed Drumming!


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I want to personally thank Boo McAfee who is the original  brilliant mind and visionary behind

The WFD Organization.

I)  Official International Website of the Worlds Fastest Drummers:


The World's Fastest Drummer International Organization

Video of Drum Legend, Jim Chapin, talk about Eric, to Eric, at NAMM

*My tribute to Mr. Jim Chapin!*

Called the Godfather of Speed Drumming and Modern Drumming! Taught ALL the BEST drummers in the World!


Eric's Rudimental Speed Drumming World Records!

Click for pic!

Summer 2015 NAMM

1439 hits with Nine Stroke Rolls [mm160x9] in 60 seconds!


Summer 2014 NAMM

Set 4 new World Records in 4 NEW categories:

2086 hits with Multiple Stroke Rolls [at least 3 or more strokes per stick] in 60 seconds!!!! 

1541 hits with Seven Stroke Rolls [mm110x14] in 60 seconds!

1323 hits with Ratamacues [mm110x12] in 60 seconds!

1322 hits with Paradiddle-Diddles [mm110x12] in 60 seconds!

Summer 2013 NAMM

Set a new World Record in a NEW category:

1399 hits with Five Stroke Rolls [mm140x10} in 60 seconds!!!! 


Summer 2012 NAMM

Set World Record in a NEW category:

1198 hits with Double Paradiddles [mm200x6] in 60 seconds!!!! 

Summer 2011 NAMM

Set 2 World Records:

1744 hits with Closed Double Strokes [mm145x12] in 60 seconds,

and 1279 hits with Paradiddles Strokes [mm160x8] in 60 seconds!

Summer 2007 NAMM

Set 2 World Records:

1620 hits with  Closed Double Strokes [mm135x12] in 60 seconds,

and 1155 hits with Paradiddles Strokes [mm145x8] in 60 seconds!

Summer 2005 NAMM

Set First World Record at 1500 hits with Closed Double Strokes [mm125x12] 

         in 60 Seconds, then again 1559 hits with Closed Double Stroke rolls [mm130x12] in 60 seconds.

Summer 2003 NAMM

Speed Drumming Champion : World Speed Drumming Grand Champion.

* Ranked 9th in the World at 1085 hits with Single Strokes in 60 Seconds at NAMM 2003.

***Unofficially, July 11, 2014, 2118 hits with Multiple Stroke  Rolls in 60 Seconds.***

***Unofficially, April 11, 2008, 1799 hits with Closed Double Strokes [mm150x12] in 60 Seconds.***


II) Current World Rankings:

1,000 CLUB
(those who have played 1,000 or more Single Strokes in 60 Seconds)


The Current Rankings

III) World's Fastest Drummer Organization coverage of Eric:



Eric's 2005 World Record [1500 Closed Double Strokes] coverage at  NAMM.  

( Later that day, I broke that record at 1559 in 60 seconds.)


WFD Contest rankings from 2003 Summer NAMM



WFD Coverage of  the 2003 Championship.



Wrapping up after the 2003 contest.



The WFD Promo for 2003 Championship


bullet Eric warming up on the sidelines



The NAMM coverage of the 2003 Championships



The previous WFD Events 2

IV) Who endorses Eric?

(Drum Legend, Speed\Technique\Endurance Innovator, Taught all the Best Drummer in the World !!!! )


Mr. Jim Chapin

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(Master Teacher, Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, All the Motown Hits, Most Recorded Drummer in History, Taught all the Best and Legendary Drummers in the World !!!!! )        


Mr. Bernard Purdie